Trackman Sessions

Trackman III golf radar measures the full trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives; pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. Its industry leading precision and ease of use enable instructors to deliver a new level of performance and service to you, the customer. Trackman technology delivers state-of-the-art data without using any modeling, displaying the shot's actual three dimensional trajectory in real time together with all impact and ball flight information.

Common requests for Trackman sessions:

  • Gap fitting (know your carry and total distances for all clubs)
  • Measure and optimize driver distance

Why YOU need a golf lesson with Trackman!

  • Trackman is the most sophisticated golf radar system on is NOT a launch monitor. It is leaps and bounds more precise and accurate with its information than your average launch is the only system of its kind.
  • Trackman is used by the world's leading tour players and coaches. It is also used by the PGA, LPGA & European Tours and golf's governing bodies the USGA and R&A.
  • You can MAXIMIZE your current swing by improving your impact alignments. Trackman assists the teacher in getting you there FASTER.
  • Trackman is the only system that provides complete club and ball flight information. It measures 21 different ball and club data points.
  • Improve your impact position, club head speed, ball speed, spin rate, and much more!