Duran Junior Golf Academy

Duran Academy of Golf’s Junior Program is geared towards the long term development of each individual junior golfer and a learn to play approach. We have program options that can cater to all ages of all levels. Each program description below will highlight which program may fit your junior golfer and their goals.

Junior Golf Mission Statement

Our mission at Duran Golf club is to give every child an opportunity to experience and enjoy the game of golf by breaking down any barriers that may be in the way. We have adopted the slogan of “Accessibility and Affordability” for junior golf.

My experience with golf as kid is what formed my philosophy and why I feel more kids are not playing golf. As a kid, it was not easy to provide a junior golfer with clubs, green fees and lessons. Therefore, a personal mission of mine is to not let that keep any kid away from this great game and break the stereotype of golf being an expensive sport. Therefore, Duran Golf Club has an entire rental fleet of all USKG Ultralight sets (39”-63”), both right and left handed. The clubs are available for kids to rent at no cost for any junior instructional program and at $5-10 for on course play.

Our unique programs allow any player from any level and age to jump right in and participate. Our after-school junior development program and summer camps incorporate the USKG Learning Program to provide a structured learning environment. Getting kids together in groups encourages them to be a part of a team. Think back when you were a kid and why you went to your little league practices, because your friends were there and you knew it was going to be FUN! We want to get kids excited about the game and in turn they will learn to play a game for life.

US Kids Golf Rental Club Program

Inquire at the Development Center about our US Kids Golf Rental Clubs. Our staff will be able to get your child into the right fit. Rent them while you practice, for a clinic/lesson or to go play our exceptional Par 3 course.

Saturday Clinics

Saturday Clinics are open to all levels and ages 4-13. This 60 minute program is ideal for the new/beginner/novice junior golfer looking to have fun while participating in challenging games and an opportunity to pick up a few tips they can practice.

The following dates are Saturdays and class will meet @10am at the Duran Development Center


Monthly Schedule posted online with link to online scheduler


DJGA Tuesday After-school Program

Duran’s new after-school group instruction is for DJGA members enrolled in a 6 week learning curriculum covering all areas of the game, including rules/etiquette and motor skill development. Groups are separated into two age groups to encourage age appropriate learning and skill training. All students will participate in goal setting and walk away with a personal goal plan! We are proud to announce our partnership with Edufi, which is a new online social network for skills development. Each parent will be able to follow their child’s progress from the computer or smartphone.

Birdies (Ages 4-7)


The 6 week session focuses on learning the basics of golf and developing the young golfer as an athlete. Early motor skill development is crucial to picking up the game of golf quickly. Age appropriate games and drills are instrumental in keeping the kids engaged and learning how to ‘play’ golf.

Eagles (Ages 8-13)


The 6 week session incorporates the USKG Learning Program, to learn more click here. Each student will begin with Level 1 and work at their own pace on earn each level’s 5 Achievement Pins in full swing, around the green, putting, knowledge and scoring. Each week will conclude with competitions and games.


*Class size limited to 12 students*



Monthly Schedule posted online with link to online scheduler

Elite Junior Program


The 6 week program is specifically designed for the competitive junior player to learn how to get the most out of their game. This session will focus on developing each student into better players on the course through competitive games, effective practice habits, skill development and evaluations. Each student will get a personal goal setting plan which includes a practice plan for short game, putting and full swing. Juniors participating in this program are eligible for team tournament play representing Duran Golf Club.


*Class size limited to 12 students*


Thursdays 5:00-6:30

Monthly Schedule posted online with link to online scheduler

On Course Playing Lessons with the Pro

Golf is the only sport in which we PRACTICE in a different place than we PLAY. Every golfers goal is to get onto the golf course and perform. Our on course playing lessons fit every level of junior golfer. We will focus on rules, etiquette, scoring and course management. Each lesson will take place on either the Par 3 course or Duran’s 18 hole Championship Course. This program can be customized as a private lesson or in groups of 3 players.

Summer Camps

Click here to view our program outline

*2015 Summer Camp Session Dates will be announced in April 2015*

Benefits of being DJGA member

  • Personal goal setting session with consistent evaluations on skill and progress
  • 10% off of retail for all junior equipment, apparel and accessories
  • Special rates on private lessons
  • Online video locker powered by V1 Golf
  • Free monthly skills challenges